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03 August 2008 @ 06:27 pm
Today are the Teen Choice Awards 2008. And Rachel is supposed to come. But the big question is: is Hayden going to be her +1?
Supposedly not, cause Hayden hates Award ceremonies. But imagine this szenario at home:

Hayden ist lazily laying on the couch. Rachel is all excited getting ready,  walks around the sofa all the time and Hayden is totally trying to ignore her. And then she says like to a dog: "Oh, baaaaby... come on, come with me". He looks up at her suspiciously. "Nooooo, you know how much I hate this kind of stuff". Then she walks to his piles of crumpled clothes on the floor and says: "Lookie lookie here... the pile with your 2 pants..... come on, baby.... get them on!"

..... "You can even cut off the legs of your jeans if you want to!!!! And lookie lookie here..... so many crumpled T-Shirts ..... you can even wear those and nobody will care!"

Wonder who wins that discussion.......
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05 August 2007 @ 06:43 pm
I was on a website of a German Hayden Christensen- Haters group, and this guy is saying that Hayden is supposed to be the leading actor in the movie "The Physician" after the book by Noah Gordon.
I was like: HÄÄÄ???
Have you guys heard about that? We definitely haven't!
I checked the Noah Gordon website and it says that this movie is in deed in developement. It doesn't say anything about a cast, though.

Hmmmm.... maybe haters do have special sources?
Or maybe that is the reason why Hayden is trying to grow a beard? For a character.
Well, DH says he will shoot a movie in Asia at the end of the month. That sounds more like "Crash bandits" to us....

What do you think?
I mean, the reason why "Crash Bandits" was put back, was the legal troubles with Mc Tiernan. Bauer Martinez, the distributers, even sued him, because he had already spend 2 million dollars on pre-production.
But they can probably shoot it with another director!

But, you know what? - Hayden is just a shit-magnet if it comes to the release or production of his movies! LOL
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27 July 2007 @ 11:25 pm
Not really a theory or conspiracy.
I've created some icons from the FG photoshoot pics. No teaser because my icon is the teaser LOL

More here @ my LJ
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26 July 2007 @ 07:13 pm
Talking about the meaning of sharing sunglasses like in the previous post: Take a look at that! Now Rachel and Sienna share their shades, too? Maybe Hayden is a REALLY busy man .... hehe

Maybe he's just the middle man. I really wanna see Hayden wearing those glasses!
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... or what else does that mean?- they are sharing sunglasses !!!

Actually, that's all we have to say!
Except, that the night before Hayden and Tove were doing some business stuff. Hope they come out with a new movie thingy soon!
And Hayden's looking cute...

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